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Let me practice. There were two small cakes.

Masanao has done so much already.

You seem pretty certain that Linda won't be here. I'm not going to explain it to you again. They built an asylum for the blind. I asked him to close the door. That is all we can do, so far. Can't you see that Leonard doesn't want to talk to you? The origin of the universe will probably never be explained. Turkeer is looking for a new job. On my last visit to Kyoto I enjoyed myself very much.

"Can I have it back?" "No."

It's about time for him to get here. Kathy left the school earlier today. He asked for pictures. The police are there. Do we have to get off the train at the border? He gets a high salary. Civilization is now threatened by nuclear war.

I speak few languages. The stability of Chinese economy is substantially overestimated. I wish Blayne would weed the garden. I don't want to be alone all my life. They can understand everything she is saying. I'm being promoted.

He handed down books from the shelf. Sanjeev's probably sick and tired of the way Rex's been behaving lately. With many women, love always comes first. Pipe fitters design and assemble pipe systems.

Her son's death broke her heart. I was told to learn this poem by heart by the end of this week. There's a new sheriff in town. He will come if he has a mind to. Wendi does not want you to know the truth. Please move the chair. It's in the way. He deplored the fact that Silesia was no longer Prussian. She lost her job because of her careless remark. I haven't decided yet, but I prefer flying to going by train. What's up with you and them?

I'm very upset. If you had half a brain you'd be dangerous! She did it again.

Where did you get that scar? The construction of the dam will undoubtedly have the resulting effect of forcing thousands of families to relocate elsewhere. Al is parked out front. We admitted that we were wrong. We have a new head coach.

Huashi is on duty today. Did anyone tell Siegurd? The rainy season has begun. He's not afraid of political correctness. She is a most charming young lady indeed. Will I have the pleasure of seeing you again? I never for a moment imagined that I'd be able to meet so many famous people. I'll wait up for Roxanne. I can walk there on foot. It is good that you do not have to study so hard.

I barely restrained the impulse to strike him. Obviously, this cannot be the work of one person. This is why Tatoeba is collaborative. It's me that's wrong. It's a dream come true. She is an actor.

He has arrived here now. I'm thinking of taking you to see Mr Jenkins. Never halloo till you are out of the woods. "May I awaken within the dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming so that all dream-like beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion." --Tibetan prayer I needed to talk to you.

Sophie's finger was bleeding so badly, that blood was dripping on the ground. Stephan is the only one carrying an umbrella. I'd like to help. He that marries for wealth sells his liberty.

When the long, hearty dinner was over, the guests began dancing and singing. What's in that cupboard? I hate my job sometimes. I wasn't dishonest. You're ways too uptight about sex. Have a good day. Your wish is my command. Look at the map.

I promised Frances I'd help him. As a matter of fact, I take little notice of girls. She was wearing dark brown shoes. I don't think that anybody knows the answer. Can you make us some breakfast? Sally gave me a good piece of information.

When all the group members are silent, somebody must break the ice. It's not far from here. Give me the phone.

How's your business going? See you at five. According to the weather forecast, the typhoon is likely to approach the coast. Jerome is learning to dance the tango. We argued politics. I'm a completely normal guy who has many hobbies, maybe too many. Just when she said "Ooh, what a beautiful star," a star fell across the sky and a blue light quickly fainted in a diagonal trajectory, dragging behind a faint tail. Beauty in China was associated with wealth. Who's calling?